The king touches you, the God that heals you


200 years ago all over Europe the flatterers of the kingdom, the privileged, their paladins, the scholars, the religious and secular families used to stir up in the minds of the people that kings were anointed by God "God is the true king, sets the kings as their ministers and reigns over the peoples. " The "King" Prince is not to account to anyone for what he commands; your authority is sacred. The sovereign "Kings" were "living images" of God, the "representatives of the divine will."


The French Kings who adopted ceremonies, in which they passed the sacred hands over the sick, healing them. According to a traditional belief, the kings of France, like those of England, had the miraculous power to cure scrofula, a skin disease, touching the stricken while saying "the king touches you, God heals you." The power of the royal touch was a powerful symbol of the sacredness of royalty. Indeed, this attitude was merely a misrepresentation and aberration of the political and social organization that covered almost all peoples, and is still in force today, under the guise that no one is better prepared to defend and express the will of a people, who better than a party organization. Today we are also represented by a set of reigns from within one kingdom, today the parties, are also representatives of the people's will and who better to choose from than themselves, since the vote only serves us to choose one of a small group, chosen by party organizations.


Even today, the "supreme entity" parties represent your will, your choices to whom are to accept the choices which they arrange for you. Today also a group of flatterers and privileged, paladins, scholars, religious and secular families revive in the memory of the people that once were voting and electing, a party to represent your will, which is a duty and an act of sovereignty, but they are the sovereigns, so You must vote for one of their choices that are presented to you. Today, instead of a monarch and royal family, you have still a set of like monarch parties that represent your will as if they were anointed by God.


It's your acceptance; These attitudes are social conditioning, similar to those who, as a slave, would voluntarily plunge in defense of their master, endangering their lives.


When an individual of the people decided to kill the usurper, King Henry II of France, the people conditioned by the belief that the king was a representative of God, who demanded the worst punishment from a citizen, and was only satisfied when that hero died horribly, suffering the worst pain inflicted on a human being.


Thus, for thousands of years "even today," such misrepresentation in the political and social organization of humanity has appeared countless times in the form of government, king, dictators, and false democracies in the execution of powers, today continuing to inflict cruel punishments on citizens, to the peoples and entire nations, in short, to humanity.


I do not vote until we have won the right to vote in decision making, this we call participatory democracy and or direct democracy.


An article provided by Sergio Medeiros, all copyrights reserved.

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