Lateral forces lay beneath actions, take note, In spontaneous lies the truth, unquestionable! Date your destiny, collateral consequences arise, Evolve while you manage your life, no crisis, Recite your inner desire, for it tomorrow you'll become!


Living in a world of communism sounds fun in theory, In a world of Utopia feels great while dreaming, Monarchy and Democracy don't work periodically, Anarchy's stakes up high for drastically,


Leaves you to rot in hell eternally, On a one night stand indestructibly, Void and dead as my uncle flirting with my dead auntie, Even though a wet cosmic dream can you see it consistently!?


Leaving the shitty reality behind, In a book where time does not fold, Flashing your sins no one can erase, Everlasting pain stuck in words untold,


Come and join with Iron man in a movie, And feel free to bring your mommy, See Hulk and the Hornet crew greenly, High on drugs but not from this world, unfortunately,


Call it a pay per act with your fantasy Ought to know the guide, Myth or reality? Easter time baby...


The misty source was repelled, over clouds rising, Inspired were heart and soul, Nothingness could be seen, how come!? The heist was not the factor, hum, Ashes of a lost culture as I have foreseen,


So much Pride, uncertainty, unconfidence, or convenience, Overdrawn passages, open bridges, pulled strings; Rated was, did I miss it, what is it, got fixes!? Too bad, too late, never mind, it's my weakness; Essence lacks a dull spark, just a guess blinded by faith...


Time sets off a particular insight, it does not tell the truth, Obstacles laid downforce changes upon, Life is made of choices, in which opportunities arise, Or will choose what's best, better choose it right, Sorry of all excuses it won't make it last;


Being grateful is fine, being right is awkward, As you might think it's right, not so sure awaits, May the forces are round on other fields expand, Blastemata origins uncovering the truth demand, Impossible is nothing, time will show us all, No, just yet, on a near-future unveiled, The only incertitude will keep you under, Sought, go further go beyond,


A will is stronger than all, search and you'll shall find, Complicated humans - what you think, what you see, it is not all, Ominous faith servers, the ingenious youth will banish your kind, Rule the blind and the skeptic until you fall, Dismiss my rude words, please have dreams n' conquer them all, Even time the for truth, seek your desires, struck the unkind, May bells pound your sins may rope kill your ineptitude...


Winds of Change

Creator of mankind?! Wise... Created lies, 'cause of it men remain disguised, Now tech, before it, many other lies!? Pure sounds too virgin, unnatural logic?! Where are we going, devolution arise!? Further and beyond, to the future?! Thy, Money thy Way!!! Have so, have not!? Oops... Rather without thy mask!? For it suffering life's disastrous...


A river flows to the ocean sculpting stones yet to be seen, Dragging life and death while smashing cities in between, There lie destiny and fate the true tears of nature carving its course A glamorous life's time yet unaccepted as a majestic spell,


Its slippery dark curse it soils and moans, Mistakenly it's essence is not unleashed, Life's sacrifice a burden you must live with, Like it or not you must forever deal with it,


Rules were made to be broken and rights to be fulfilled, It's time all accept most books and lessons are obsolete, Rethink and readjust like a flow make yourself flourish, Will arise and make a difference while we breakthrough,


Uncovering life and nature's treasures and beyond the known flow, All waves set their own rhythms and all tides set their own frequencies, Certainly, a cycle threshold that is always distinct from another, Yet unlike nature why do we remain undone consistently the same one?


Sour melting under my tongue, a sweet taste of reality, Uncompromising your life, while actions write your destiny, Can't read between the lines, try crying to a priest, Kind to know, all words are meaningless,


Filth you live in, create what you preach, Accomplish sin, what have you become, Total disaster, can't even feed your seed, Endeavour your failure, all I overcome...


Polaris little dipper, Reins of passage, Ought to some a guide to many, United like all that you see and hear, Dismiss it not hints and tips my dear...


Under the path as if foreseen, Misery runner forfeit, Bliss outrider awake, In impetus unassuming flow, Lame against the stack, Implant this destiny awaits, Combined by nature deceit, Alpha in the chains' complete, Literally' life sentence-the piss, Like last laughter the beast, Yell you now in silence "capiche"?


In water justice leads ...

Acceptance that awkward trait, The real need for collective sustenance, Truth can and will sustain your deviance, Although not so important it's only you, is it? Instinct isn't just personal it's deep within us, Natural patterns solicit our every thought


Souls vibrate and flourish obliquely at a glance, Umbilically we're dictating our own destinies, Primary causes only rearrange our inner desires, Relate because the truth is so much broader, Endeavor consistently beating expectations, Majestically our time not only defines our interests, Every second count if only we can open our eyes,


Sustain your beliefs if that makes any difference, Try harder remembering it's not only about you, Accomplish dreams by reaching the impossible, The truth will set you free even if no one believes in it, Exit nonsense not everyone wants to see reality,


Be unique be the wind that storms lions and sheep, Enlighten the blind the oppressed and the sleepers, Impeach everything and everyone "eye for an eye", No fight no gain for its wise easy comes easy goes, Grow universally from nothing but dust in the wind,


Manifest unity without comparisons and hatreds, Instruct and support our existence for it we are one, Neglect negativeness and inconvenient delusions, Do as you wish since fear is nothing but a bummer,


Sow not seeds of discord instead sow seeds of light, Obsolete our world when the quest can be so bright, Understand that what you reap is what you sow and, Lack of trust is a selfish play in which love is to blame.


... blocked by barriers and certainly flowing through.

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